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01:38pm 22/03/2008
  I got a chance to check out two of Hawksley's show on the tour recently, which were both absolutely brilliant, of course.  One of the shows was at a tiny venue called Starlight in Kitchener/Waterloo and I got a ton of photos... thought I'd share some!  All of them are on my journal in the last two entries...xo

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07:03pm 11/02/2008
  does anyone have an extra ticket to the toronto march 7th (friday night) show? :( grad school got the best of me and i waited too long. i haven't missed an hw show in the area in 5 years!  
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Between the Beautifuls 
03:16pm 06/02/2008
  I am lovin' this album. Its quirky like his old ones, but more "mainstream" musical like lover/fighter. And it has a bit of a folky feel like Treeful of Starling. It was definitely worth waiting for.

Favorite song so far: All the Tress are Hers.

What does everyone else think?
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10:33pm 21/11/2007
  I cannot find a place to buy Bird's Chrome Reflection album. Does anyone have it?

Better yet, does anyone know where I can buy one?
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10:15am 20/11/2007
  Tickets are available on HW's website for his Ontario dates.

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hawksley at vancouver folk music festival 
03:41pm 12/07/2007
  hawksley is at the folk music fest starting tommorow. anyone going to the show?  
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Vancouver Folk Music Festival 
05:31am 26/06/2007
  Anyone going to the vancouver folk music festival? I've never seen hawksley live and it would be fun to meet other vancouver fans :)  
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06:38pm 09/03/2007
  Is anyone going to the Hawksley concert tonight in Winnipeg?!

edit Anyone interested in short video clips/pictures from the March 9th show at the Garrick can just pop over to my journal antisocial_nerd
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11:49pm 25/11/2006
  free hawksley concert dec 2 at vancouver art gallery yay!!!! http://www.tnt-productions.com/transmitnow/  
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Hawk Sighting 
07:42pm 27/09/2006
  Hawksley was on eTalk Daily on CTV tonight with Jully Black. He's producing her new album. He also said he has a rock album coming out in the new year. w00t w0ot!  
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hawksley at the commodore 
03:22am 22/09/2006
  I can't go to the show due to being called into work. so now i have 3 tickets to sell, face value of course, anyone want to see hawksley in vancouver on tuesday?  
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03:30pm 16/09/2006
  hey, if anybody was at the concert yesterday at the pheonix in toronto (which was utterly beaaautiful!) do you know the names of the opening acts? i thought the guy who performed right before hawksley...justin something or other...was especially good! if anyone can help me out, thanks in advance!  
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08:07am 12/09/2006
  I'm assuming a number of you are going to the Hawksley show at the Pheonix this Friday, and I just noticed on my ticket it's an early show, it says doors at 6, show at 7.. Does anyone know if there are openers?  Or should we expect Hawksley on at 7?
Hawksley shows always seem to be terribly prompt and I don't want to stroll in halfway through the show.  Anyone know why he is playing right now, anyhow?  Not that I'm complaining..!

Thanks lovers
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Lukas is a copier? 
09:39pm 30/08/2006
mood: thoughtful
Okay so maybe I am waaaay off here but for anyone watching Supernova right now, question:

is there not something about Lukas that seems like a knockoff of Hawksley? I see Hawksley in him, and I hear noises, or movements.

It could be totally coincidental... but I can't help but wonder. I really am not a faithful tv watcher, so I really haven't seen him on too many occasions, but I thought it immediately.
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03:40pm 18/08/2006
  Oooooh! The Soup Kitchen is back!

And there was much rejoicing in the land.
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another mp3 request. 
12:17pm 18/08/2006
mood: hopeful
Does anyone have 'I've Got The World On A String' or the Matt Dusk song 'Drummer Boy' that Hawksley guests on?

These are the only two songs of his I don't have.
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09:40pm 17/08/2006
  just curious if anyone has and can share mp3s of "Where it Used to Snow" and "Polishing Shoes."

if anyone can get them on yousendit, or something along those lines, it would be hugely appreciated.
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09:11pm 13/08/2006
  i fucking love the folk fest.Collapse )  
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I must say, i'm disappointed. 
11:09pm 11/08/2006
  Well, went to the Folk Fest tonight in hopes of seeing Hawksley.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Waited an hour in the rain, got soaked and freezing. Figured that since someone on the news said that the Neville Brothers were headlining, that Hawksley would be first or second. Well, he wasn't first, so sweet...he'll be second. Well, that wasn't the case. I forget her name, but whatsherface was first...and she played something like three more songs than she should have...so that made everything run late. By the time the Neville Brothers even started, it was around 10:30. My friend wanted to bail, so I wasn't going to stay there alone in the freezing cold rain. And, I also thought that it was 9-11...don't know where I read that, but the folk fest site says it goes til 12:30.

So yeah, not staying that long.

There will be other opportunities.
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02:31pm 16/06/2006
  I hope this is allowed...

I made some Hawksley icons and I wanted to share :)

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